First Group Project: Critiques and Final Report

Designing a solution story for your first group project will involve two in-class critiques and a final report.  Your final report should be informed by your contextual inquiry results and both critiques.  You don’t have to make changes based on every comment made in every critique, but you do need to acknowledge all of the critiques even if you ignore some parts.

Critique #1

The purpose of this assignment is for your group to broaden the set of solutions to 10 possible solutions and then to narrow that down to 1 solution candidate for in-class presentation.   And then to get feedback on that solution idea from the class.  This is a six part assignment.

  1. Generate 10 solution ideas.  These can be new ideas ore refinements of ideas you’ve already discussed or presented.
  2. Write 2 pages on these ideas and on how you generated them and why you chose the one you chose for the next step.
  3. Select one of your 10 solution ideas for final presentation.
  4. Prepare a PowerPoint deck that contains:1 slide with your problem VAOW statement, 1 slide with a short description of your solution, 1 slide of rational for why your solution reflects your user observations, 4-6 slides of storyboard sketches showing how your solution solves the problem.
  5. Select one person to make the presentation (who has not presented before) and one person as critique scribe.
  6. Create a word document which contains the following
    1. Your powerpoint slides as used in class (you’ll need to insert the slides into the word document).
    2. The 2 page writeup described above.

Submit that document through learning suite.

Critique #2

The purpose of this assignment is for your group to revise your solution idea based on the critique #1. This is a three part assignment.

  1. Based on the feedback you received in Critique #1, your contextual inquiry and your own insights, revise your solution story.
  2. Prepare a new presentation of your revised solution.  Include a slide at the end which describes how you changed your solution and presentation based on critique #1.  Be specific.
  3. Present the new presentation in class.  Choose a presenter who has not presented before.

Submit the powerpoint slides through learning suite.

Final Report

The purpose of the final report is to synthesize your observations, critiques and thoughts into a coherent report.  This is the time to avoid intellectual laziness.

Prepare a 4-5 page report which does the following:

  • Summarizes your key observations from the contextual inquiry.
  • Tells the story of how your solution works (with pictures).
  • Show how your solution is grounded in observation from contextual inquiry.
  • Describe how your solution evolved in response to critiques.

Be very specific about how your solution story is grounded in your contextual inquiry.