Solution Design Assignments

This assignment includes several parts.  Pay attention to due dates on the calendar to make sure that you turn each part in on the correct date.


Iteratively improve your solution through new idea generation and critique.

Idea Generation

Based on your previous three solutions and on the critique that you received in class, generate 10 new solutions. These can be completely new ideas or refinements on your three solutions from before.

Write up 2 pages on these new ideas and how or why you chose them.  Save these 2 pages for the final report.

Solution Development

Select one of your 10 ideas for final presentation.

Prepare a PowerPoint deck that contains:1 slide with your problem VAOW statement, 1 slide with a short description of your solution, 1 slide of rational for why your solution reflects your user observations, 4-6 slides of storyboard sketches showing how your solution solves the problem.  The 1 slide of rational should include specific references to specific observations.


Present your solution (described above) for in-class critique.  Select one person to make the presentation (who has not presented before) and one person as critique scribe.

After class and the critique, revise your solution and the presentation of your solution. 

Final Report

Submit a final report of 4-5 pages single spaced that

  • Summarizes the key user observations (1 page)
  • Tells the story of how your solution will work (3 pages with sketches)
  • Show how your solution is grounded in the observations (1/2 page)
  • Describe what changes you made based on the critique (1/2 page)

To the end of these 4-5 pages add the 2 pages that you wrote for your idea generation.


  • Good summary of the key observations.
  • Clear solution story.
  • Clear sketches that convey the solution story on their own.
  • Solid grounding in your observations, not you opinions.
  • Clear responrs to critique (You may reject critique comments but you still must explain why, based on observations)